Spell Arts are the various magic abilities used in Unlimited Saga. Spell Arts come in 6 different elements and can be offensive, defensive or supportive. They can be cast by using a Familiar (from a characters' Growth Panel) or from an article of equipment, having learnt the spells permanently from a Magic Tablet.

Higher level Familiars and Magic Tablets will have stronger spells on them, but the most powerful Spell Arts can only be created through the use of a Magic Blender Growth Panel (in italics). This requires the user to have learnt various spell from a Magic Tablet; whereby they can "blend" 2 or more spells into a different, stronger spell.

Fire Arts

Fire Arts are mainly designed for direct damage and also increasing Strength.

Name Image Description
Fire Veil Fireveil Raises user's Fire Element level
Detect Aura Detectaura Lowers HP defense of Slimes and certain bosses
Fire Arrows Firearrows Single target heat damage
Fire Shield Fireshield Occasionally blocks ice attacks
Power Surge Powersurge Raises Damage dealt and received by 30%
Firewall Firewall Cancels all ice attacks for the whole team for 1 turn
Corona Corona Mass Light damage to all enemies
Holy Seal Holyseal Single target Light damage
Intensity Intensity Berserk effect
Power Gust Powergust Mass Light damage to all enemies
Fire Screen Firescreen Same as Firewall, but also deals some damage
Crimson Flare Crimsonflare Single target Heat/Light damage + Blind effect

Water Arts

Water Arts are a well-balanced mix of healing and offensive spells.

Name Image Description
Water Veil 100px Raises user's Water Element level
Detect Undeads 100px Lowers HP defense of undead
Rainbringer 100px Increases the power of water spells
Purify 100px Recovers ally's HP and heals poison/numbness/blind/sleep/paralysis
Bubble Blow 100px Single target damage
Water Shield 100px Occasionally blocks fire attacks
Ice Needle 100px Mass damage to all enemies
Trickle 100px Cancels 1 enemy action
Time Stop 100px Locks target's status
Thunderclap 100px Mass damage to all enemies+ Paralysis effect
Ice Nine 100px Turns all panels in magic reel into "Water"or "Forbidden" element
Refresh 100px Recovers ally's HP and heals all status effects

Earth Arts

Earth Arts are largely supportive spells.

Name Image Description
Earth Veil 100px Raises user's Earth Element level
Detect Animals 100px Lowers HP defense of beasts/birds/wildlings/giants
Boulder 100px Single target damage
Sleep 100px Single target Sleep effect
Build-Up 100px Increases ally's Strength and Endurance
Anti-Fear 100px Heals fear/confusion/berserk
Animal Charmer 100px Weakens beast/wildling/bird enemies
Aegis Shield 100px Occasionally blocks elemental & physical attacks
Fear 100px Single target Fear/Confusion effect
Power Rise 100px Increases ally's Strength
Mega Power Rise 100px Same as Power Rise, but lasts longer
Pellet 100px Mass damage to all enemies

Wood Arts

Wood Arts are used primarily defensive spells offering increased HP recovery, defence or resistance to attacks.

Name Image Description
Wood Veil Raises user's Wood Element level
Detect Plantoids Lowers HP defense of Plantoids/Insects
Overgrowth Increases the power of wood spells
Life Boost Increases HP recovery rate
Recycle Recovers durability of equiped equipment
Missile Guard Occasionally blocks Pierce attacks
Meditation Raises Spirit and Magic
Thunderbringer Lightning damage to one target
Green Requiem Blackout effect
Forest Shield Occasionally blocks Physical attacks
Restoration Restores HP and removes mental status effects
Holy Lightning Massive lightning damage to one target

Metal Arts

A mix of support and offense spells.

Name Image Description
Metal Veil Raises user's Metal Element level
Detect Gold Lowers HP defense of mimics
Magic Lock Paralysis to Mimics
Armor Blessing Raises armour defense
Weapon Blessing Raises weapon strength
Mind Lock Occasionally blocks non-elemental attacks
Shock Light Damage to all enemies
Supersonic Mass Light damage to all enemies + Numb effect
Detect Treasure Detect treasure chests/items on field map
Sharpness Raise attack power of the weapon (blades only)
Gold Thumb Petrify effect
Siren Massive Light damage to all enemies

Forbidden Arts

Forbidden Arts can only be learnt from a Magic Tablet, and are not available via a Familiar nor magical equipment. For this reasons Forbidden spells are extremely deadly, dealing both high damage and crippling status effects to enemies. These Arts are also unique as characters do not have an elemental level for them, hence there's also no Veil Spell. There also is a lack of a shield spell or any kind of Magic Blender spells.

Name Image Description
Detect Blood Lowers LP defense of enemy (except Plantoids and Undead)
Seal of the Abyss Single target damage + Paralysis effect
Degeneration Poison Effect
Weakness Lowers Strength and Endurance
Spell Magnet Caster becomes target of enemy spells
Psycho Noise Damage to all enemies + lowers Spirit, Magic and elemental levels
Blaster Blackout effect
Ophion High chance of LP damage

For a list of physical attacks see: List of Arts

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