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Vadagara(ヴァダガラ) is the main antagonist of Imperial SaGa.

Vadagara is an god that was sealed years before the events of Adel.

He summons hordes of monsters in Dysnomia, with the aid of Saruin and the Devil King, they plan to attain Vadagara's revival.

Vadagara supposedly is an enemy of Nemea, another powerful god, whose is sealed too.

If Adel chose the Dark Route, Vadagara possesses Mirsa to fight the Third Emperor/Empress.

On the Last Reign or he awakens and possesses Nemea(Dark Route), commands The Egg's power(Egg Route), fights with the Last Emperor(Holy Route).

Either way, in the end, he is sealed.

In battle, Vadagara switches fighting stance, changing his attacks.

Twin Swords:Uses sword techniques.

Twin Spears:Uses spear techniques.

Harp:Uses holy and dark magic.