Vaftom is a major city (located on the Isle of Elve) in Unlimited Saga, one which all characters visit at one point in the game due to the Festival of Regina Leone. Vaftom is also the only location that is on a separate island to all the other towns and cities and must be reached by a boat from either Longshank or Gadeira.

It's also considered to be the best location to shop for items as well as having one of the best blacksmiths offering nearly all possible weapon and item types for creation.


  • The Strelitzin Inn


  • Tribal Chief's Trial - "Back when this town was a small fishing village, they had a test to choose a tribal chief who would unify the village"
  • Danger in the Mines - "Work has stopped in the mines because the Panah have gone berserk. Go and find out why!"
  • Knight's Mausoleum - "They say that a powerful guardian protects a treasure beneath the Knight's Mausoleum"
  • Avalon (Seven Wonder) - "Flying Island. Severe storms rage in its vicinity. Few have actually seen the island"
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