Unlimited Saga character
バースト (Bāsuto?)
US Vearst
Portrait STATUS-vearst
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 22
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Appearances Unlimited Saga

Vearst (バースト Bāsuto?) is a playable character from Unlimited Saga. He's a soldier, and a not very good one at that, often showing scared and cowardly tendencies. He joins in Armic and Ventus's routes.

He is voiced in Japanese by Tanaka Kan and in English by Matt Culpepper.



In Armic's scenario, his gang entered the Abandoned Castle in Zomar searching for some Obsidian Boots, but Vearst got scared and ran away.

In Ventus' scenario, Ventus and Tiffon asked for Vearst's help because they needed someone intimidating to get the carrier mission. Vearst doesn't have much beyond looks; he fell asleep and his previous party left without him. When he joins Ventus in a quest he manages to lose the Carrier Quest to monsters who take it to Dagul Bos' Castle.


Vearst's only really viable option in combat is to tank. He has poor stats mostly, except for an avverage Magic growth, good Water growth and high LP. By focusing on the Water element, with Support equipment and a few key spells, Vearst can be a very reliable and helpful character.

Initial Growth Panel

Iron Body L1
Swimming L1 Inconspicious L1

Initial equipment

Weapon Fang Knife: 16 ATK, 40 DUR
Weapon ----
Accessory -----
Accessory -----
Headgear -----
Body -----
Leggings Socks: Cotton, 1 DEF

Making parameters

Strength 1 Fire 2
Skill 2 Earth 2
Spirit 4 Metal 1
Magic 4 Water 3
Endurance 1 Wood 2

Initial parameters

Strength 4 Fire 3
Skill 2 Earth 4
Spirit 4 Metal 3
Magic 5 Water 4
Endurance 6 Wood 3
Hit Points 222 Weight 90 kg

Constant parameters

HP Recovery B
Life Points 22

Battle Quotes

  • First Battle (Ventus' Scenario): "Wha-? Go get 'em? I-I can't do that!"
  • Spring trap: "Help meeeeee!"
  • Evade trap: "I thought I was gonna die!"
  • Hurt by trap: "A-Am I gonna die?"
  • Skill attempt: ???
  • Skill failure: ???
  • Skill success: ???
  • Another character K.O'ed: "I bet I'm next!"

For all the lines to listen to, go here:



  • Vearst looks laid back in the artwork, but his attitude in the game is always cowardly.


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