This page contains a list of all the weapons used in Makai Toushi SaGa. Weapons are broken down into categories based on type as follows: Strength, Agility, Magic, Martial Arts, Projectile and Other.

Most weapons do damage based on a simply formula that takes the users stats in consideration. SaGa is rare in the genre for the fact that all weapons have durability and will eventually break after so many uses making for a more strategic experience as players utilize a selection of weapons for each character and in keeping weaker weapons more viable for longer stretches of the game.

Note that sale prices are based on selling unused weapons. If the weapon has any wear or tear, the selling price is dramatically dropped.

List of Weapons


Strength based weapons utilize a character strength stat to calculate damage. Though average in the beginning, many of the game's best weapons fall into this category.


Agility based weapons use a characters agility stat to calculate damage. Since agility is usually a higher priority in the early game, these weapons tend to overshadow their strength counterpart early.

Name FFL Name Uses Power Buy/Sell Location Special Notes
Rapier Rapier 50 2 24/12 First World
Saber Saber 50 6 2,060/1,030 Second and Third World
Lightsaber L-Saber 50 9 10,480/5,240 World 3
Cat Claw Catcraw 50 11 23,000/11,600 Fourth World


Magic based weapons are rare and few in numbers, only really viable for Espers since Humans can't raise their magic stat. These weapons tend to have unique proprties that can ignore some enemy stats.


These weapons use a combination of both the Strength and Agility stat to calculate damage. Many of these weapons tend to be incredibly powerful though with low # of uses to balance them out.

Martial Arts

Martial Arts work uniquely among the weapons. Their damage is calculated by the difference from how many uses are left against their maximum number of uses. Meaning they may start off weak but get more powerful the closer the skill is to no uses left. This makes them excellent skills for characters who may not have high stats top use other weapons more practical.


These are unique weapons that don't fit into any other category. They usually have unique mechanics and are do not derive their power from any stat.


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