The Continent (大陸世界, Tairiku Sekai? lit. "Continent World") is the first World in Final Fantasy Legend. A world ruled by three kings, the player starts their journey here, as they look for the pieces of the Hero Statue in the Town of Hero.

This world is filled with greenery and mountains with the Town of Hero resting at a clearing to the southeast of the Base Town. Shortly east, amongst a sea of trees, the player will find the Castle of Shield, wherein King Shield resides. To the north of the Castle of Shield and east of the Base Town the player will find the Castle of Armor beyond a bridge. The Bandit Cave and South Town are further south east, with the Southern Town being hidden amongst the forest.

However, a longer trek from the woods in the southwest of Base Town, through the valley beyond it, and towards the deep south will be necessary to reach the hidden Castle of Sword.


Starting in the Base Town, the party hears of a town to the south east. Deciding to investigate further, they reach the Town of Hero, where they hear that the three kings of this world are warring for total control of it, and that the statue of the hero in the center of town has had its armor and weaponry go missing.

Outside of Base Town, Game Boy version.

In the Castle of Shield, the king refuses to hand over his shield due to his own greed. Alas, his even greedier steward kills him in order to steal the treasure for his own. The party makes haste in catching up to him and retrieving the precious shield from the thief.

In the Castle of Armor, the king suffers from heartache due to a monster girl in South Town who he has fallen in love with. To the dismay of both, she has been forced into a romance with the bandit in the nearby cave, who threatens to destroy the village if she doesn't do as she is told. As the party save the poor girl from the bandit, the happy couple present the party with the statue's armor.

In the Castle of Sword, the king is blinded by greed and attacks the party in an attempt to protect his treasure. However, his plans fail, as the party defeat him and his lackeys, obtaining the sword from the fallen king.

WonderSwan version.

After reassembling the statue in the Town of Hero, the party obtains the Black Sphere, but by restoring the statue to its former glory, the party also unleashes Gen-Bu. After defeating the fiend, the party returns to the Base Town, where they unseal the locked tower door and begin their ascent towards the next world.

Monsters (Overworld)

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